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Wafer check valve performance and installation announcements

This check is a universal one-way flow valves. Its light weight, small size, easy installation, the valve in the flanges by two semicircle spring and internal fixation with surface composition, the valve spring pin that the valve plate closes, the deformation and the fluid pressure, the deformation soon open spring to protect pipelines from water hammer.
Install note:
That should be paid attention to when placed pipeline wafer check valves with flow through the direction,
Installed in the pipeline in vertical placement. For horizontal lines and vertical placement wafer check valve,
In the wafer butterfly valve and check valve between using a pipe, don't be directly connected with the other valves,
In operating within a radius of disc, avoid to join pipe joints and blockage,
In front of the wafer check valves or behind a bianjing pipe installation,
In the elbow installed near the wafer check valve, attention should be paid to have enough space,
In the pump export install this check valve, the valve at least six times the diameter of the outflow of space to ensure the butterfly plate are fluid.

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