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"A" Style, Missión DUO CHECK Valve, Details


Sorry Im not a English good writer.

Just a questión!.

The Viton B, seal for an "A" style Missión Duo-Check, is on the plate or on the seat body.

It`s an o´ring or a vulcanized seal, just like a ¿thin plate?

As we know Crane is the last owner of the missión patten, but the A Style valves is one of the original factory Missión and TRW MISSION too. The Style A is the same as the G Style for the New Crane factory, The especificatión SVF is a Metal-Viton valve, in the original Mission Style A, and Crane G Style but, the questión is:

The Rubber Seal (Viton B) is:

¿an Oring at the gates? or ¿a vulcanized full seal on the body seat of the valve?....Just Like the Goodwing Model as reference.

The problem is taht the Missión Brochures are not clear inthat point and, I`m needed to Know because PDVSA requirements in Venezuela for the repair of various valves/ball valves.

Sorry for my English !!!....

Where is the seal on a Mission DuoCheck?  Is it on the plate side or on the body side?

Is it an O-ring type or a vulcanized gasket type seal, or some other type?


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