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Welding Power Station Lift Check Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Welding power station lift check valves
Welding power station lift check valves

Reference standard

design and manufacture:E101 JB/T3595 DL/T531
face to face dimension:E101 JB2766 GB/T15188.1
pressure and temperature class:E101 JB/T3595
test and inspection:E101 JB/T9092


Welded connection check valve is used in the pipelines of the petroleum, chemical, water, fire station and other working conditions that nominal pressure is PN20.0 ~ 32.0Mpa, operating temperature ≤ 540 ℃ ( in which P (57) 170V working temperature is 570 ℃), works as cutting off or connecting media. Applicable medium: water, oil, steam and so on.

Structural features

1. The product design and manufacture according to the provisions of the E101 and JB/T3595-93 standards, with reasonable structure, excellent performance, beautiful shape.
2. The middle cavity uses pressure self-tight sealing structure, the higher medium pressure, the better the sealing performance.
3. The both ends of branch pipes are butt welded, to adapt to different requirements.
4. The disc and the seat sealing surface use stellite cobalt-based hard alloy bead welding, with wear-resistance, high temperature resistance, good anti-abrasion performance, long service life.
5. High temperature and pressure-resistance components are made of high-quality heat-resistant alloy steel, with safety and reliablity, stable performance, long service life.

The materials of main parts

body WCB、25 2Cr1MoV WC6 WC9
bonnet 25 12CrMoV
disc,seat 25 heap STL cobalt-based hard alloy 12CrMoV STL cobalt-based hard alloy
sealing ring enhanced flexible graphite
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