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Wafer Silent Check Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86 (21) 3652 8716
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product drawing

Wafer silent check valves
Wafer silent check valves

Features and applications

CVWR type wafer silent check valve adopts fluid-type design, with a smaller head loss; the internal spring can accelerate the closure, to achieve silent effect; metal to metal ensures the reliability of sealing; the install space is small. CVWR wafer silent check valve can be installed on the pump outlet, avoiding water hammer, water hammer noise and destructive impact, to achieve the purpose of preventing reflux and protecting equipments. The valve has been widely used in water supply and drainage, fire protection, construction, HVAC, industrial systems.

Dimensions & constructral diagram

Wafer silent check valve constructral diagram
Wafer silent check valve constructral diagram

Technical parameter

nominal diameter DN40~250mm
nominal pressureMPa 1.0/1.6
working pressure ℃ -10~80
sealing test 1.1 times of nominal pressure
shell test 1.5 times of nominal pressure

The materials of main parts

No. part name material
1 body GG25
2 disc Bronze
3 spring SUS316
4 seat Bronze

External dimensions

type nominal diameter DN L D
CVWR-0040 40 45 90
CVWR-0050 50 55 105
CVWR-0065 65 70 125
CVWR-0080 80 75 140
CVWR-0100 100 95 160
CVWR-0125 125 115 195
CVWR-0150 150 135 215
CVWR-0200 200 160 270
CVWR-0250 250 200 325
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