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No-load Running Check Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

No-load running check valves
No-load running check valves


175H48Y / H-type no-load running check valve is installed in the outlet pipelines of thermal power high-pressure large pump, to prevent water backflow, protect the pump. The valve matchs the pump minimum flow automatic recycling bypass valve for the work. When the pump is at low load or closed state in the outlet, the auto recycling bypass valve should be in the open position, to ensure the safe operation of water pumps. When the no-load running check valve is open, the auto recycling bypass valve will automatically close.

Structural features

1.As a principle: open the outlet valve, the pump starts, water reaches a certain pressure, and the disc will up to a certain hight under the water pressure, pushing away from the seat, water flows. At the same time, due to the rise of disc, drive ratating link rod, poke the drain piece, so that recycling blade valve moving down to close the evacuation part. When the water flow diminishs, the disc falls, promotes the link rod and poke the drain piece, open the recycling valve to maintain the minimum allowed flow of the water pump. When the pump stops, the disc automatically drop to close the valve channel, preventing the damage of high-pressure water hammer to the water supply system.
2.structural features:
a.the valve matchs with recycling bypass valve for the work, to maintain the safe operation of the system.
b.the main disc moves up and down, when the medium backflows, using medium pressure and the spring effect to close the pipes, and the bypass valve opens, when the main disc is full open, the bypass valve is closed.
c.The disc sealing adopts stainless steel bead welding, abrasion resistance, strong anti-scratch, reliable sealing.
d.the valve should be installed vertically.

Dimensions & constructral diagram

No-load running check valve constructral diagram
No-load running check valve constructral diagram

The materials of main parts

part name materials
body,connecting flange,exhaust flange,flange cover carbon cast steel
guided shaft, fork, shaft sleeve, slide,discharge bushing, exhaust plate stainless steel
disc,disc body,disc shaft,connecting part high quality carbon steel
sleeve cast Aluminum Bronze
bolt, nut high quality carbon steel

Main performance and specifications

nominal pressure PN(MPa) test pressure Ps(MPa) working pressure (MPa) applicable medium working temperature (℃)
intensity test sealing test
20.0 30.0 22.0 20.0 water ≤160

Main connection dimensions

DN L D D1 D2 D6 b Z-d f f2 H weight (kg)
100 430 360 292 245 138 66 8-41 3 6 630 285
150 550 440 360 305 190 82 12-Ф48 3 6 650 510
175 610 475 3944 340 214 84 12-Ф48 3 6 685 700
225 900 580 483 418 268 100 12-Ф58 3 6 765 1105
250 900 670 572 508 319 110 16-Ф58 3 6 780 1330
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