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Flange Multifunctional Three-in-one Check Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Flange multifunctional three-in-one check valves
Flange multifunctional three-in-one check valves


1.Using one valve, can successfully complete three kinds of functions: no water hammer check valves, gate valve, balance valve
2.When Pump stops, the spring force closes the disc first, and thus to prevent water hammer.
3.Through regulating the opening, you can adjust the pump output
4.By using indicator, you can confirm the valve opening degree with eyes.
5.The sealing gasket is made of NBR, and thus will not leak, can absorb the impact force.
6.Spring is made of stainless steel, thus has strong corrosive resistance.
7.It can save water yield equipment materials and cost, reduce installation space.
8.As the shape and advanced structure are streamlined, so the pressure drop is small.
9.As the play the role of bypass, so that it hasthe function of recovering the export inside pipe water, and supplement diversion when the import side appears vacuum.
10.Horizontal pipes, vertical pipes can both be installed.

Applicable scope

JHL41X-type flange multifunctional three-in-one check valve is installed on the pump outlet of the general construction, the supply and drainage water for apartments and factories, heating and cooling water treatment, and boiler condensate water, secondary water supply pipes. It is used to prevent the media backflow in pipes that caused by the pump stop running.

Dimensions & constructral diagram

Flange multifunctional three-in-one check valve constructral diagram
Flange multifunctional three-in-one check valve constructral diagram

Main external dimensions

nominal diameter DN installation mode valve length L(mm) flange diameter (mm) opening height H(mm) bolt hole central distance (mm) bolt hole quantity, diameter weight kg
50 flange connection 230 160 210 125 4*18 16
65 290 180 250 145 4*18 24
80 310 195 290 160 8*18 35
100 350 215 320 180 8*18 50
125 400 245 380 210 8*18 72
150 480 280 420 240 8*23 98
200 550 335 500 195 12*23 150
250 620 405 680 355 12*25 230
300 700 460 730 410 12*25 390
350 787 520 830 470 16*25 500
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